Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coconut oil fail.

I have dry hair. Even with not using shampoo, it doesn't get very oily. I read a post I found on Pinterest about coconut oil hair masks and how awesome it is for your hair. She totally convinced me. Especially since she is no-poo and gave tips on not using baking soda and ACV, but using Castile soap to remove the oil. 

So last night before bed, I massaged coconut oil into my hair. I combed it in and wrapped my hair in Saran Wrap and a tshirt. I went to sleep and got up early to shower it out. I washed it probably 4 times with Castile soap. It felt pretty oily still, but I was hoping that it would dry clean and shiny. 

It didn't. 

It was gross. Extremely crunchy. And even more gross. I have never used hair products. I've tried to use curl spray and stuff, but I don't like the way my hair looks or feels. I think my hair today was like greasy super full of product hair. I couldn't handle it. So I got back in the shower when I got back home. 

I tried Castile soap again. Not happening. The oil was just repelling the soap. It would get foamy, but not remove the oil. So I surrendered to my old shampoo. :/ 

I had to. It stripped it. Then I rinsed it with ACV. It looks lovely now. The ends are still a little crunchy. I just had Kevin feel it and he says it is like hay. I think it's because my ends are dead. I have more split ends than mystery stories. (That was a lame analogy, but its all I got). I haven't had my hair cut in probably 18 months or more. I trimmed it myself about 6 months ago, but not enough to actually cut the dead hair. I'm going to do something about it soon, but I just looooove how long it's gotten and don't want it to be shorter. 

And check out my new glasses!! I'm in love with them! 

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