Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I was born a hippie.

From the womb, I have had hippie roots. My dad and mom met working at concert venues in Atlanta with bands like the Rolling Stones and Madonna. They had long hair and rode horses bareback. My mom never taught me to apply makeup because she doesn't wear it. I followed my friends when shaving legs and armpits. My parents don't think pot is a drug.  I was raised by hippies, and now that I'm almost 22, it's time to embrace the good parts. 

Today I stopped using shampoo. It's a viral thing to do among organic gurus. It's nickname is "no-poo". Instead of shampoo, I am now using baking soda. For conditioner, apple cider vinegar. I've read tons of blogs on it and decided that it is for me. One of my favorite parts of my body is my long, extremely thick,  brown curly hair. I get compliments on it all the time. I've spend the last three years growing it out after a high school/freshman year of college crisis of cutting it extremely short. Growing it was a grueling process at times, but it is more beautiful than ever. My hair is very natural. It has never been dyed. It hasn't been cut in probably 18 months aside from me trimming some split ends. I only wash it a couple times a week. I have never owned a hair dryer. I don't use hair products. So for me, going no-poo seems like the most natural thing to do. Why put shampoo and conditioner in my hair when I don't use any other chemicals in it? Why not let it get to its natural state? 

Because I found so much help in reading blogs to decide to go no-poo, I've decided that I will document my process on this blog. :) 

We'll see if it really is worth it to toss hair products and take the natural road. I'm excited. 

Now I'm going to post some pictures of the evolution of my hair. Maybe in a year it will be better than ever! 

Long hair doll. 

Short hurrrr. 

Last summer. 


It's been far too long

I should write about my life since its been a year that I last posted on here.  However I need time to write creatively and that I don't have. Alas, I am starting a new project that I would like to document, so I'm going to *try* to post on here and I'm sure in time I'll get you up to date on the wonderful year that I've had. :) 

I should mention that this might turn into a more hippie blog...