Friday, August 7, 2009

for love

My heart lies in a small West African country by the name of Burkina Faso. It's held in the hands of girls wearing dirty, ripped dresses. That's what gives this blog it's name. I'm blogging for peace, for sanity, for love, for those girls wearing dirty, ripped dresses. This blog is going to come straight from my heart. Whether it be ugly, sad, or hopeless. I'm just trying to figure out who I really am and what my place in this world is. Trying to chase after the Lord, even though I tend to fail miserably. Trying to love people, especially the ones no one else loves. Trying to love myself for who I am, not change myself to fit into someone else's pattern. Feel free to join me on this journey of restoration in Christ. And learn about the girls in the dirty, ripped dresses.