Saturday, July 6, 2013


Today (friday) my hair looked great. It was frizzy, but that's normal. I washed it yesterday with baking soda & apple cider vinegar for the third time since I began. My hair had gotten really greasy in the roots before I washed it. It still looked decent and wasn't too noticeable, but the top felt kind of gross. 

Tonight however, my scalp is super itchy. I'm guessing I must have used too much baking soda. I poured an extra bit into the water mixture that I already had prepared because my hair felt so greasy. I'm assuming that it was a mistake now. All I want to do is get in the shower and wash the crap out of my hair, but I think I need to wait it out. 

In other news, I'm trying to remember to take fish oil and biotin everyday to make my hair grow longer and stronger. I'm horrible at being consistent when it comes to vitamins. I picked up some Chinese herbal capsules at the health food store today for respiratory health. My lungs suck, so maybe I can make myself a schedule or something to help me to take all the various vitamins I'm trying to get into my system. I need to get something new to help me sleep also. Because well, it's 5:39am and I'm not tired. I was tired at midnight when i got into bed, but still haven't fallen asleep. I even got up and cuddled with my kitten and watched tv for a while, but here I am, still wide eyed. 

Tylenol pm makes me sleep, but I'd rather be taking something natural and melatonin doesn't cut it for this gal. I'm jealous of my husband so peacefully sleeping next to me. Speaking of my husband, I'm going to snuggle into his arms and try to fall asleep again. Goodnight... Or good morning, as it is almost 6am. :)

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