Thursday, August 1, 2013

New month, new me.

Where do I begin? I quit no poo, if you've been reading my blog lately. I'm using an organic shampoo for black people and a leave in organic olive oil conditioner. The split ends of my hair were getting worse and worse with the no poo, so I stopped and got my hair cut for the first time in over a year and a half. She had to cut a lot because my hair was so ridiculously broken at the bottoms. It feels wonderfully healthy now! 
I really miss my looooong hair, but I know it will grow back soon enough. 

In other news, I am trying out veganism for the month of August. I am also trying to be more intentional with God. I am going vegan for health, NOT animal rights. I would like to lose 50-60 lbs. In late November, me, my husband, and his family are going to Orlando to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I want to look and feel good by then. 

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