Monday, July 26, 2010

selfless faith

The other night, my friend and I drove to Atlanta to see Hillsong. As I stood in a huge room full of people, listening to hallelujah's rise to heaven, I couldn't help but be overcome with joy because I knew Abba must be smiling as His name is being lifted high. I pictured Jesus walking in the room, just to feel the vibrations of the drums and hear, with His physical ears, the praises of His people. I watched Jesus hold out His hands receiving the small amount of glory that our lips were able to bring Him. My heart was crying out that He deserves so much more than our petty efforts to bring Him glory, but Jesus was so happy with our songs, so happy with our surrender. Hillsong began to sing Hosanna. It probably brought Jesus back to the time He entered Jerusalem (Matthew 21), knowing in just days, He would die for every single sin of all humanity. The third verse of Hosanna, says:

I see a generation
Rising up to take their place
With selfless faith
With selfless faith

As this body of believers sang this line, I watched Jesus. I was startled because Jesus was no longer smiling with His arms opened receiving our prayers, but there was tears running from His eyes and down His face. I wanted to run to Him and wipe them off His cheeks and tell Him that it's okay. "Jesus, why are you crying?" I asked Him, humbled by my Savior's tear-stained face. Jesus said to me, "You're generation is anything but selfless. You're a selfish generation with selfish faith and selfish motives." Tears welled up in my own eyes as I saw the truth in what Jesus said.

We are a selfish generation... We don't mean to be, but the reality of it screams that we are.

Jesus, I surrender selfishness and surrender to selflessness. I want to be selfless because you are selfless. Make me selfless Abba. I commit myself to this journey of losing all of me.

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