Thursday, January 1, 2015


For the last week or so, I've been working on this plan to really start blogging for Crafting by Knight.  I bought a domain/website and spent a long time making it beautiful with the plan of not only having it to help my brides figure out the flowers they want and be able to look at bouquets easier than on Etsy, but also to have a blog.  Yesterday I listened to 4 hours of podcasts about blogging, specifically blogging for makers who have etsy shops and want to get more traffic through the blog.  The podcast made it clear that you have to be passionate about what you're blogging about if you want to have a successful blog.  I'm passionate about crafting and about my bouquets, but I can't just blog about my products. And I have several tutorials of crafts that Kevin and I made for christmas that I've been dying to blog about...  But I realized the people I sell bouquets to are generally not people who want to learn DIY stuff.  And I don't want to encourage them to DIY their wedding and not buy my bouquets.  All that to say, I've decided that I'm going to hang here with dirty, ripped dresses.  My new is an amazing site and may one day have some sort of blog, but for now, I'm jumping back into this blog.  

Two-thousand and fourteen was a very odd year for us.  Kevin got promoted.  We made a move to a new city.  We got out of debt.  We went practically a year with no local friends.  I cooked a big thanksgiving dinner pretty much all by myself.  Crafting by Knight grew a significant amount more than the previous year.  We learned a lot about grace.  

I couldn't be more excited about two-thousand and fifteen.  

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  1. Love your new website! And looking forward to your blogs! :)