Saturday, March 7, 2015

Week Three: Essential Oils & Herbs VS. Antidepressants

Week three has been quite the doozy. 9 days off zoloft and the antidepressant discontinuation syndrome is in full swing.  The vertigo is so bad I'm constantly tipping over and tend to fall back down when I stand up to fast.  Brain zaps are still driving me crazy.  I've also had a lot of random waves of extreme nausea.  It comes on out of no where and I've been having it happen most nights and at least a few times during the day.  I wonder if morning sickness is anything like this??  If it is, yuck!  I'm thankful for tums and ginger ale.  Hopefully all these physical side effects of getting off zoloft will be over soon.  

I'm thinking about adding some additional oils to me regime.  My depression has been okay, but I did have a panic attack this weekend.  Kevin made me do a little yoga and calmed me down.  If I could get caught up on all of my orders for the business, I'd like to try to start doing yoga and exercise on a regular basis.  I'm going to order doterra's Balance "grounding blend" and possibly geranium and bergamot. I'm also thinking about getting a diffuser.  

I'm really happy to be on this journey towards natural health. I'd totally appreciate any prayers for continued healing.  I'm so thankful for all the support that I have in my life.  I had no idea how beautiful of a support system I have.  Praise God!

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