Friday, June 29, 2012

The Best Day of My Life

Our wedding day was perfect. 

All photos courtesy of The Mango Pack -> GO CHECK THEM OUT!! 

And after looking through all those beautiful photographs, you may be wondering why my blog is named Dirty, Ripped Dresses.  I started this blog after my second trip to Africa as a voice for the voiceless - the little girls in dirty, ripped dresses (and all the other needy people of the world!).  However, as I post my wedding photos, I can't help but take the opportunity to share the gospel.  :)

We are all wearing dirty, ripped dresses if we really think about it.  We all sin.  We're all not good enough for God.  We don't deserve Him, nor can we earn eternal life with Him. But when we have faith in Him and join the family of God, He no longer sees our dirty, ripped dresses, but He chooses to see us in Jesus' righteousness, in pure, white wedding gowns.  What a great God!  

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  1. Casey,
    What amazing pictures. :) Bless you both, and bless you for your message as well. Beautifully expressed and totally true.
    Thanks for sharing the link with me
    With Love,
    Dr. M