Sunday, June 12, 2011

holyspirit, hitchhikers, & healing

Yesterday my friend gave me a word about how when she looks at me she sees me as bold, strong, confident, and assured.  I do not see myself as that usually.  I should because that is who I am in Christ, but I haven't been.  Today I was having a rough, self-loathing day.

As I left church, for some reason I went the long back way instead of the short way.  As I drove around a curve, there were two people walking in the lane I was driving in.  I was on a two lane road and a car was coming in the other lane, so I had to completely stop my car [mumbling angry remarks under my breath] before the lady noticed there was a car behind her.  As she and the man moved to the side off of the road, for some reason, I rolled down my window and asked them if they were okay or needed anything.  

You need to understand, I was alone.  I WOULD NEVER PICK UP HITCHHIKERS BY MYSELF.  Yet I found myself unlocking the doors and telling this man and woman to get in my car.  

Larry and Victoria.

They were probably in their 50s.  Engaged.  Had a lot of health problems.  Victoria had had a seizure that morning.  Larry had been in a car accident recently, which is why they were walking to town, not driving.  

I drove them to a gas station.  I asked them if I could pray for them.  They said, "Yes please!"  I turned around and grabbed Victoria's hand as she sat in the backseat of my Ford Focus and I began to pray.  Commanding healing, praying blessings, following the Holy Spirit.  After I said amen, Victoria looked at me with a tear-stained face and said, "Woah, you really have the Spirit in you. Everything you"  

She didn't get out of the car and jump up and down saying she had no pain in her knees.  But I believe the Lord healed her.  

I know her and Larry both had a love encounter with the Holy Spirit.  Her tears made that very apparent. 

I got majorly encouraged and edified.  The word was true, I am bold, strong, confident, and assured.  I am that, because I have Holy Spirit inside me.  Without Holy Spirit, I got nothin' but with Him, wow...  


  1. Love this, love this, love this!!!!


  3. Girl you are SO that and more! Gosh That is such a beautiful story! I'm encouraged by that. You are beautiful dear! <3

  4. That's legit! I'm happy we are friends.