Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When He hung on that cross...

When I made the choice to follow Jesus everything changed.  
I was a sinner, now I am a saintEph 1:1
I was worthless, now I am worthyActs 5:41
I was depressed, now I have joyJhn 15:11
I was condemned, now I am free forever from condemnation. Romans 1:1
I was rejected by man, now I am accepted in ChristEph 1:6
I was self-conscious, now I am confidentPhl 1:6
I was lost, now I am foundLuk 15:6
I was empty, now I am filledAct 13:52
I was fearful, now I am boldEph 3:12
I was ashamed, now I boast in Christ aloneGal 6:14
I was dirty, now I am cleanJhn 15:3
I was unlovable, now I am loved2Th 2:16

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