Tuesday, December 21, 2010

since i haven't posted in a while...

This was one of the hardest semesters of college thus far. It was academically challenging, spiritually draining, emotionally demanding, mentally testing, etc. However, as ironic as this may be, I did AWESOME in all my classes. I made a B in Microbiology, which I am stinkin’ proud of, and I made A’s in all my other classes, including Statistics! Yeah, that’s right, I got an A in Statistics. yay!

I’m very curious as to how next semester is going to be.  I [finally] have a work study job. I have a class with my best friend. It’s funny, she’s a year ahead of me, but declared her major a year after me (we have the same major).  

I just pray that in the next 3 weeks I can get filled up with the Spirit and back on track with my nazirite vow.  

[no clue why the font is brown, but i don't hate it. ;) ]

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